Self-Kleen Photocatalytic Coating

Exterior surfaces like concrete, pavers, brick natural/cultured stone and cement/terra cotta roof tiles adds the beautiful aesthetics to your home. These substrates (Surfaces) can be very porous where as the different stains can be absorbed into the surface. Also from being porous, the moisture collects into the capillaries and it becomes a breeding ground for mildew, algae and mold.

Seal ’n Lock’s photo catalytic technology in Self-Kleen was designed to protect your investment and keeping the surfaces looking beautiful. you need a sealer that will not only prevent stains from penetrating, but also one that will keep them looking clean for years to come.

Self-Kleen Technology:

photo catalytic sealerOur sealer is one of the only that works in visible light as well as UV light where as other products may only work in direct sunlight.

Self-Kleen works in three ways to protect and clean the surfaces. First, it seals the surface and keeps stains from penetrating into the substrate. Second, it creates a thin water barrier on the surface, which lies underneath dirt and other contaminants, making it possible for rain to wash them away. Third, it absorbs the ultraviolet rays of the sun to chemically break down mold, mildew, oil and other organic stains. The result is that the forces of Nature are employed to keep your exterior masonry surfaces clean.

There are quite a few new photo catalytic sealers making claims that they "self cleaning", but have been not very effective in a real-world environment. Our Self-Kleen photo catalytic coating is formulated using a cutting edge, patent-pending technology that makes these surfaces capable of breaking down organic stains naturally, when exposed to sunlight. The exciting technology associated with our Self-Kleen is that the surfaces that are sealed will self-clean stains when stains from engine oil, mold, mildew, wine and different organic elements.

It can be used on concrete driveways, cement outdoor kitchen countertops, paver patios, stone walls and terra-cotta roofs. Moderate stains exposed to sunlight break down completely in approximately thirty days.