Brick Paver Stripping Services in Tampa, Brandon, Riverview

brick paver stripping tampa floridaIf you have have a bad sealer job done on your brick pavers with an oil- based sealer, then you probably need to have your brick pavers stripped and resealed with a quality water-based sealer. Paver Sealing Florida offers a paver stripping and sealing serevice to bring your pavers back to life.

To begin, it's a LOT of work! Most oil based sealers go bad after just a few years, and will turn your entire driveway or pool area white. To get sealer out of a porous brick paver is no easy task to say the least. It often takes 3-5 applications of a high grade paint stripper and serious pressure washing at 3500 psi to get the bad sealer out.

Our paver stripping service starts at 3.00 per foot plus materials, with a 500 square foot minimum.

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