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Paver Cleaning and Sealing in Central Florida

seal n lock sealerPaver Sealing Florida is a full service brick paver sealing company serving the entire central Florida area. With over 500,000 square feet of pavers sealed throughout central Florida, we have the experience to get your paver sealing job done right the first time. We use Seal n Lock products and carry the Seal n Lock Sealing Pro Certification and our employees also have ICPI Brick Paver Installer Certification to assure you're getting the absolute best service possible. In fact, we were able to use the Seal n Lock products before anyone, and helped them redefine the entire paver sealing industry using this new system. This system and the products have proven themselves to many people in the brick paver industry, and as a result, many paver sealing companies throughout the USA have adopted these methods for their paver sealing products.

Our sales team is available 7 days a week for an in-home consultation about your brick paver project. A Paver Sealing Florida technician will be measuring the size of the job, and evaluating the overall condition of the pavers, drainage, problem areas, and making recommendations for necessary repairs. You will receive a written estimate with a detailed analysis of your project, and a plan for completing your sealing project that fits YOUR schedule.

*If you have had a previous seal job by others that has turned milky/white and need it repaired, please feel free to call us for an estimate on paver stripping and restoration services.

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Paver Sealing Tampa

We only use the finest products available for your paver sealing project, including the industry leading Seal n Lock system. It is formulated specifically for sealing brick pavers and will give you years of maintenance free performance.

Color Retention

Sealing your paver project will help preserve paver color

Joint Stabilization

Our sealing process locks the sand into the joints.

Inhibits Weed Growth

Inhibits weed growth and paver damage from root systems.

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Travertine Cleaning & Sealing Experts

Paver Sealing Florida is a full service brick paver and travertine cleaning & sealing company, serving the entire central Florida area for over 8 years. We use Seal n Lock Products and carry the Seal n Lock Sealing Pro Certification and our employees also have ICPI Brick Paver Installer Certification to assure you're getting the absolute best service possible.

For Travertine Sealing jobs, we use Seal 'n Lock Travertine Sealer, the best travertine specific coating available.

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Wood Restoration Services

Your fence, and deck, and dock takes a lot of abuse from the Florida sun. We can help prolong the life of your wooden deck or dock with professional cleaning and sealing services.

We Use The Highest Quality Sealers

We recommend using Wood Rx brand sealer for your wood restoration project. For those who prefer an oil based sealer, we use Behr brand products for the best results.

concrete Concrete Cleaning And Sealing

Paver Sealing Florida can clean and protect your concrete driveways, walkways, garages, and more with Super Wet from Seal n Lock. Helps protect against tire marking, stains, drips, and mold growth.

Commercial Services Specialist

Paver Sealing Florida can handle any size job within the state of Florida and guarantees satisfaction. Call us at (813) 389-3683 to arrange a free written estimate.

Seal n Lock Paver Sealer

seal n lockWe only use the finest brick paver sealer available, Seal 'n Lock. The Seal 'n Lock brand has reshaped the paver sealing industry, and helps sealing professionals give better results in less time. The system is designed to give superior joint stabilization by flooding the sand joints with sealer and deep into the pores of the paver. It gives long lasting protection of your brick pavers and other concrete surfaces.

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